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Melaka 3 Seater Sofa

Melaka 3 Seater Sofa


Furnishka Price ₹29,900
Market Price ₹36,000

Salient Features

  • Design : Chic sofa with elegant form, offering plush comfort.
  • Material : 50+ durable fabrics, fade-resistant, breathable, GSM 350+
  • Comfort : Enhanced relaxation with durable construction, prevents sagging, maintains shape over time.
  • Durability : Fortified with 18mm plywood, seasoned neem wood resistant to termites. 3" elastic bands for support.
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Product Information

H - Inches



B - Inches



L - Inches




Discover serene comfort with our premium sofa, meticulously designed with ergonomic precision for extended reading sessions. Perfect for apartments or snug corners, it assures unparalleled relaxation.

Additional Information

Structure :

Our sofas feature Sleep well foam with a 5-layer construction designed to prevent sagging. The core consists of 28-density foam between two layers of 32-density foam, with a super-soft PU foam top layer and an extra layer of poly fibers for added softness. Experience lasting comfort with our sofas

Premium Material :

Choose from our 50+ premium fabrics, with a GSM of 350 or higher. Enjoy superior abrasion resistance (30,000+ Martindale rubs), fade-resistant properties, and breathability. 

Pair it with :

Our three-seater sofa is designed for personal comfort, embodying simplicity and elegance. Its elegant form and ergonomic design create a cozy haven for individual relaxation. Pair it with our complementary two-seater sofa for a stylish and inviting living space.

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